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It used to be the guys who would have mad bucks nights with strippers and huge amounts of alcohol while the bride to be would be at home worrying. Well things have sure changed and thanks to the womens lib movement and the rise in popularity of the bachelorette party or hens night, its now the girls who are more likely to get out of control with their friends and behave like total depraved sluts while the groom will just have a few quiet drinks with his mates.

Take this group of sexed up horny ladies as an example, they grope and do as they please with the male strippers bodies, seemingly without a care in the world, but if the tables were turned and the guys were so hands on with a female stripper they would be charged with sexual assault! Yep, women of today have sure come a long way havent they? don’t take my word for it though, these bachelorette parties gone wild are filmed in all their perverted detail and these women are just plain nuts!

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Having the time of their lives these horny and lusty women get very hands on with this lucky nude male stripper. Each of them take turns to grab at his ass and massage his balls while laughing and encouraging each other to even more daring acts. These girls are out of control and this is truly a bachelorette party gone wild where anything can happen and does happen.

While fully clothed the girls feel confident in front of the male strippers and have their way with them taking great delight in stroking their cocks to make them hard before giving head and some uninhibited horny women get so turned on they beg to be fucked in the middle of the room without a care who’s watching! All real and unbelievable, you wont believe what goes on behind closed doors at some of these birthday and bachelorette parties gone wild!

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This cute blonde gets a close encounter with the dancing bear at her friends bachelorette party gone wild. If you have ever wondered what really goes on at these girls night out parties and hens nights well you can see for yourself. Your girlfriend may say that it was just a quiet night but don’t believe her for a second because once you get a group of women together, give them a few drinks and introduce a bunch of naked male strippers into the room theres just no telling where the party is gonna go!

Wild and crazy women ogle and grope at the naked men on display and get so worked up and horny that some of these girls even start to suck on cock and give handjobs to complete strangers. Far from stopping them tho their friends cheer them on and encourage them into even more explicit sex acts!

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It sure doesn’t happen every time but some of the parties that we rock out end up so wild and horny that often times some of the women beg the guys to fuck them right in the middle everyone! with the guys dancing around with their erect cocks in the air and watching their friends give blowjobs its just too much for some ladies. Especially at some of the more private house partes they often end up as a semi orgy with naked women and male strippers dancing about and women in the middle of the room with their legs spread getting fucked by some stripper and they dont even know his name!!

Its so fucking sexy to watch, but sometimes you gotta feel a little for the poor boyfriends and husbands at home thinking that their girl is just having some quiet drinks with her girlfriends but really she has her legs waving about in the air and some random male strippers cock deep inside her soon to be married pussy!! Hahaha, suckers!!! We just fuck the brides to be and send them off into married life with the gift of dick, good luck to the guys thats gonna marry em ;)

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People think the life of a male stripper is great but sometimes its not as easy as it seems. I mean it may sound like a great job to rock up to wild bachelorette parties and out of control hens nights with screaming desperate women all wanting to suck on your cock but what about all the negative side.. ummm what the fuck!!! Nah seriously this is the best job in the world. Women literally compete with each other to to give you a blowjob and lots of sexy ladies beg you to fuck them.. We always give the ladies exactly what they want :)

For people who have never seen what can happen at these out of control parties they are usually surprised to see the women acting like they do but we have seen it all before and we know that once the women are in a group amongst themselves with no other boys around they really act up. The women in this pic is totally oblivious to all her friends around her as she sucks stripper cock and gets a huge cum facial then suddenly gets this naughty look on her face like she doesnt know what just happened.. hahaha, the cum is all over her face and we filmed the lot so its not like she can pretend it didnt happen now ;)

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Todays bachelorette was a little bit different from some of the other future brides we see at these hens parties in that she wanted to be a good girl and felt like if she gave into temptation and sucked some strippers dick it would be like cheating on her fiance.  So while the dancing bear and his group of male strippers danced around the room with their dicks swinging in the air she sat their like a good girl and watched as her friends indulged in the horny desires for some cock,

You could just tell by the look on her face that this bachelorette was desperate for some penis and watching all her friends go nuts giving blowjobs to the strippers was getting her all got and bothered.

One of her good friends had to have a quiet word in her ear and explain to her that it was her last night to have some fun and you know giving blowjobs isn’t like cheating!  Well hearing that and seeing her best friend get a face full of strippers cum was all the encouragement she needed and she was straight off the chair and wrapping her lips around one of the guys cocks.

All her friends cheered her on as they enjoyed the show.  She really knew how to give a great blowjob and it wasn’t long before she was on her knees smiling up at one of the strippers who shot his load of sperm directly onto her cute face.

Don’t worry darling, no one will ever know! hahaha good luck with the marriage sweetheart and thanks for the blowjob :)

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All the girls love the bear!! We always laugh about just how stupid it is but as soon as the ladies see the dancing bear come thru the doors with that massive oversized head and stupid smile they just go crazy and start sreaming. Whatever the girls want the girls get, were just here to please them and if they want to guy stripping out of a silly bear suit then were just here to make them happy so were not gonna disappoint them.

The girls are curious about what’s under the bear costume and love to pat him and dance and grind their asses and wobbly bits against his soft fur. It can be a tough gig keeping so many cock hungry wild women happy all screaming for some stripper dick but the bear is up to it and soon had his cock out for all the ladies to fondle and play with. Theres always something to surprise at these wild hens nights and its always the women who seem the most reserved that end up acting the most filthy and horny. The girls seriously just can’t keep their hands of an inviting erect strippers cock right in front of their faces!!

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This girl sure looks like she is enjoying herself with a face full strippers dick. After a few drinks you could see she was getting a little loud and drunk a had no problem jerking and sucking out the cum from certain members of our male strip team. I like it when the housewives get into the action the most, its just so sexy when a normally reserved woman looses herself in the company of a bunch of swinging dicks and lets the dirty slut in her free!

The wild bachelorette parties are the best with all the girls trying to outdo each other with their craziness and seeing who can turn on the boys the most. Deep down all girls love dick so its great that they get a chance to get together at our strip shows and celebrate cock with their friends. Our strip shows are like a community service :)

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Not sure if this one was a bachelorette party but it sure was one wild night of debauchery in the club.  Taken from the party hardcore site, these are true cfnm videos shot in Europe of real amateur women sucking and fucking male strippers.  These events often turn into massive orgies and blowjob parties with the girls letting loose and giving into their desire for cock.

Dick loving women with no inhibitions are out on the town tonight.  Real drunk sex parties and horny drunk party girls.  You better look out!


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Jessica is about to get married and she’s having a bachelorette party at her house during the day and what is a hens party without some naked male stripper action! This one is just crazy with some of the best looking girls who’ve enjoyed a few too many champagne toasts going wild with the dancing bear strip team. All the guys agreed that it was definitely one of the most fun and out of control bachelorette parties they’d performed at.

Turns out one of the boys knew Jessica and all about her and her hot friends reputations so it was no surprise for him when literally every women in the room began to give handjobs and suck their cocks without any hesitation at all but even he was shocked when one of the girls got her tits out and her her face plastered with cum as the other women simply watched on and clapped their approval at the show! This is one bachelorette party gone wild that you definitely don’t want to miss!